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    About Us

Lescobags d.o.o.
We accompany your business as we help it grow


Lescobags d.o.o. began its journey in the FIBC segment with a small, dedicated team of engineers offering reliable services with unmatched technical precision. We have integrated our services to become a one-stop solutions shop for our clients for their packaging needs. We evaluate each request systematically, present customized solutions, and manufacture FIBCs tailored to the needs of our client. Our scalable infrastructure is a testament to our excellence, and operates on the latest technologies the world of packaging has to offer. Being a small to medium sized company allows us to minimise and control overheads as well as provide our products at very competitive prices. The quality of our products supplied, combined with our personal service is the key element in our success and has ensured that Lescobags d.o.o. has enjoyed continued growth.


Unmatched Quality.                  Best-in-the-class Market Value.